ŻUR (pronounced as „zhoor”)

Żur (pronounced as „zhoor”) is a traditional polish soup known all over Poland, but each region has its own modifications. Żur is based on fermented rye flour. In Silesia, it is served with white sausage. Other versions can be served with bacon, potatoes, and hard boiled eggs, and seasoned with a little bit of horseradish. Sometimes it is served in a bread-bowl. In southern Poland, it is prepared for Christmas Eve. This version is very thick, and sour, with a lot of wild mushrooms. Traditionally, it should be eaten from one large bowl. There is also a variation made from fermented wheat flour, with a more delicate taste. This version is sometimes called “white borsch”, but there are some who would argue about that name. We would say that every family has its own customs about żurek!